Maldives Holiday On The Raa Atoll

Maldives Holiday On The Raa Atoll

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Raa Atoll is perhaps not the first place you would choose to find a Maldives Holiday Island Resort, because it is not as well known as many other atolls.

Raa Atoll is North West of Male Atoll and west of Noonu Atoll, on the outer margins of the Maldives. It is an enormous atoll 65kms long and 28kms wide with more than 90 islands. Only 16 of the islands are inhabited, mostly on the eastern side of the atoll, and only one contains a tourist resort..

The atoll is 축구중계 famous for boat building the traditional dhonis and also for its fishing fleet. As a tourist there are a lot of uninhabited islands to visit, fishing villages, and the diving is particularly spectacular due to the unusual formation of the atoll with complex reef formations at the centre of it.

Raa Atoll is located in the Northern part of Maldives and to the west of the Noonu atoll. The Raa Atoll comprises of a collection of over 90 islands of which only 16 are inhabited. With a population around 19,003, the majority of these inhabited islands lie on the eastern side of the atoll. Out of the remaining uninhabited islands, only one island has been developed as a tourist resort.


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