The Dell Corporation – A Technician’s Review

The Dell Corporation – A Technician’s Review

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The Dell computer has become a fixture in enterprises all over the world. From the days when they were assembled in a university dorm room, to the mass production of today, Dell has been one of the most successful computer manufacturers.

I work as a computer technician in a big organization that supports almost 5000 end-users. Our daily tasks can become overwhelming at times. Especially when our network goes down or one of our servers dies.

One thing we do not have to worry about is hardware problems. Most of our PCs are from Dell, the newer ones being the Optiplex GX620. Whenever we have a hardware failure in a Dell machine, we simply log on to their website, submit 던전앤파이터프리서버 a form, and the next day our part arrives. We can do all of our warranty replacements without even having to speak to a customer service representative on the phone.

Working in a corporate environment that requires near 100% uptime, brings the need for service like that of Dell. The less time we (technicians) can spend worrying about tracking a piece of hardware, in transit, the more we can focus on our job at hand. I guess I am biased, a little, because of the service that we do get from...

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