Understanding Support Vector Machines (SVMs) Classifiers

Understanding Support Vector Machines (SVMs) Classifiers

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The past couple of years witnessed the increased applications of statistical methods in different fields and for different purposes. These differences made the deficiencies of the existing methods apparent. However, it was not until the Internet became a hit in 1990 that the dissatisfaction with the then current statistical methods considerably grew since the methods are proving to be more and more disadvantageous. This eventually incited the diligent search for a more innovative statistical approach that can be used in classifying large amounts of information.

In the early 1990s, Vladimir Vapnik along with a group of other mathematicians and scientists developed a new statistical approach that 리니지프리서버 is more efficient particularly in dealing with large classification problems. This new approach was called Support Vector Machines (SVM).

What are Support Vector Machines you ask? This is a mathematical procedure that makes it possible to teach a computer to classify large amounts of data. The results are said to be more reliable compared to using the old statistical methods. A support vector machine is an approach for building functions from a set of labeled training...

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